The Hidden Gem along Florida’s Emerald Coast

30A Florida 

The Hidden Gem along Florida’s Emerald Coast

For those unfamiliar with the area, 30A refers to a 28 mile span of highway along the upper crest of Florida’s pan handle in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of it’s other nicknames include “SoWal”, or South Walton County, Scenic 30A, or just The Emerald Coast.  To best sum it up, it’s a unique and beautiful collection of the most breathtaking beaches the south has to offer - tucked away between the busy cities of Destin and Panama City, Florida. 


If you’ve come here looking for homes for sale in 30A FL, click on any of the links below to explore the beach towns in the area and find your dream home. 


Dune Allen Beach


Gulf Place


Blue Mountain Beach


Grayton Beach


WaterColor Beach


Seaside Beach


Seagrove Beach


Eastern Lake


Watersound Beach




Alys Beach


Rosemary Beach


Inlet Beach


Santa Rosa Beach


Watersound Origin



About 30A Florida

What are the Beaches in 30A?

If you’re looking for homes for sale in 30A, click here to search the MLS, or the links above.


The answer to that question varies a bit depending on who you ask. Each of the towns has their own vibe and personality, but moving West on the map East down 30A, you’ll see Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, WaterSound Beach, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach. Carillon and Sandestin might qualify, again, depending on who you’re asking. 


We’re personally fans of Santa Rosa given how laid back the energy is. It’s a seemingly endless stretch of pristine white sand and clear emerald green coastlines. If you’re looking for a home for sale in the area, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll take you on a tour.



How do I get to the area if I’m flying in to look at Homes for Sale in 30A?

The two most convenient options are in Panama City, (abbreviated ECP), or VPS in Destin. Panama City’s airport is smaller, less busy, and more conveniently located given it’s about 35 miles from Seaside Beach in 30A. Regardless of the airport you choose, we’d recommend renting a car if you’re keen on exploring the area, or we’re happy to show you around ourselves!



What are some popular things to do in 30A?

There’s a lot to list from beaches, restaurants, fishing, nightlife and more.  Locals in the 30A area enjoy biking the Timpoochee Trail, golfing, and deep sea fishing during the day. If you’re trying to relax and enjoy a breathtaking sunset, you could hit a beach bonfire or see the famous coastal dune lakes on a stand up paddleboard, or Kayak.



What are the best places to eat in the 30A area?

Like most people who aren’t insane, we love food! Our personal favorites are Black Bear Bread Co. for breakfast (they serve their sandwiches all day!), The Citizen at Alys Beach for lunch, and Pescado in Rosemary Beach for Dinner. 


Some of our other favorites include The Perfect Pig, which has 3 locations in the area for another delicious breakfast option. Donut lovers can stop at The Donut Hole in Inlet Beach, or visit their original Destin location if you’re closer to that end of 30A. For those interested in good brunch, check out Great Southern Cafe, which is another personal favorite of ours. Other mentions for lunch are Chanticleer Eatery or The Meltdown on 30A. To end the day with delicious food and incredible views, Bud & Alley’s is a great option. They’re famous for their crab cakes and have gorgeous views of the coast line. VUE on 30A (they’ve got it in their name if that wasn’t enough proof) also has satiating dinner options, great wine pairings, and of course...a stunning view. 


If you’re looking for an awesome cocktail bar for a night cap, my personal favorite is Neat in Alys Beach. Whether you need a great real estate agent in 30A, or just want to know more about the area, give me a call and I’d be happy to chat. 



Info on 30A Real Estate

As a lifelong local to the area, I pride myself in knowing the area, what makes each beach unique, and what defines a good investment in the market. I’ve outlined some bullets below on why real estate in 30A is a great investment, but feel free to call or email if you have more questions. 



Why 30A?

Let's face it, America’s a big place. There’s plenty of land and plenty of coastline, so why 30A?


30A to me embodies what American values were all about growing up. This isn’t the home of chain businesses, cookie cutter hotels, and monotonous city life. Things are slow here, and we like it that way. It’s the home of mom and pop shops, and entrepreneurship, not corporate restaurants and 9-5 living.  


30A is also a hot spot destination for residents of some of the wealthiest cities in the south, and across the country. Whether you’re looking to relocate permanently, purchase a rental property, or simply invest it’s hard to go wrong given everything the area has to offer.   


Another thing that makes the area a great investment from a real estate angle are the unique, relatively high, and extremely rare coastal dune bluffs which are protected by law from ever being developed. Ordinances enacted in the 80’s also prevent any development over 50ft from ever going up, and it’s just one element that gives the area its unique and quaint charm. 



Doubling your Investment

Most investors know that purchasing a rental property is going to produce cash flow. Depending on whether you’re financing or buying cash, it might be enough to cover the cost of the note or produce positive cash flow. 30A and the South Walton area however command a much higher rental average, both for vacation and long term rentals compared to competing areas. Here’s how this translates to a better cash on cash ROI. 


As the pandemic has shown us, affluent individuals remained largely unaffected by the brief and turbulent economic downturn. Given the property in the 30A area is more expensive because of its desirability, it will command clients with more disposable income regardless of how you choose to manage the rental. 


Depending on your investment goals, you could buy and hold, do short term vacation rentals, long term, or live in the property and ride the appreciation. 



Time with your family, or money...what’s more important to you?

It’s understood by most that real estate is often the biggest purchase most people make. But when you think about it, what are you really buying? Is it just brick and mortar, or are you giving yourself the ability to build priceless memories with your loved ones. By purchasing a home for sale in 30A, you’re not just buying into the lifestyle of the area - the beaches, nature, trails, food, etc. To me it’s more valuable to be able to create moments with friends and family that everyone can carry for years to come. Besides, all the wealth in the world wouldn’t mean much without anyone to share it with. 



Ease of Ownership 

For those looking to invest but afraid of the difficulties of managing the property, we’d be more than happy to help.  We can easily provide a list of competent management companies in the area. Whether you’d like to be hands on, or hands off, investing in a property in 30A doesn’t have to be a headache. 


Outside of everything mentioned, development in the area, increasing popularity, and the fact that Walton County is one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S., all point to 30A being a great place to buy property. Whether for investment purposes, personal enjoyment, or both - call us today if you’re looking to list your home, or purchase property in the 30A. 

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